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Go beyond space saving and turn unused space into handy storage space. In-Wall Systems make use of "dead" wall space in unfinished walls. U-shaped In-Wall brackets are installed in the wall cavities created by framing and the can channels (can racks) of your choice are hung on a top bracket and fastened to a second bracket below. The second bracket provides the starting point for the next row. This process may be repeated as often as desired.

Climate permitting, In-Wall Systems may be installed in your garage. Otherwise the unfinished walls in a basement or other room give you access to new storage space. Finished walls are even an option because the sheetrock can be cut out to utilize the space between the framing to create the cavities needed for the brackets and channels. Once your system is in, the wall will remain finished around it. If you want your In-Wall System out-of-sight it is a simple matter to add framing and cabinet doors.

**Do not use this system in your garage if the weather in your area is excessively hot or freezes and your garage is not climate controled.

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the installation instructions for the In-Wall system.

In-wall system food storage system
In-Wall System filling three stud cavities. Remember, you don't have to build an entire In-Wall or On-Wall System all-at-once as the systems are designed to be modular and can be purchased a few pieces at a time to meet your needs.
In-wall system food storage system
Close up of In-Wall System. It doesn't get any more organized than this!
In-wall system food storage system
Partially completed In-Wall System in finished wall.
In-wall system food storage system
Completed. No space required to store 154 cans of food!
In-wall system food storage system
System out-of-sight behind kitchen door

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